Parse names into structured information

Name parsing

Parse a name into useful components

Our name parsing software splits a name or email address into the first and last name. We can tell if a persons name is male or female and what the possible nationality is.

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Simplify forms

Use our API to simplify contact and registration forms. Only ask your customers for their name and use our API to parse a complete name it into the first name, last name, gender and nationality.

Validate names

Check if a name exists, is not made up or misspelled. Use our API to validate the names that people enter in your contact, registration or order form. Prevent fake accounts and typos.

Correct spelling mistakes

We have over 20 million possible spelling mistakes and typos for first names. If a name is misspelled we return a list with suggestions for the correct first name.

Gender by name

We can tell a persons gender by looking at the first name. Our database holds 2.208.942 first names and their gender received from governments and statistical agencies.

Nationality prediction

Based upon the 2.208.942 first names and 6.119.869 last names from 139 countries we predict the nationality of any name. Automatically select a country in your online forms.

Official salutation

Use our service to start an email with the correct salutation like "Dear Mrs. Fox,". By parsing a complete name you always get the correct salutation for your emails.

Split names

Our service makes it extremely easy to split a name into parts. Split a full name into first, middle and last name. If applicable we also detect nicknames.

Fake name detection

We detect if name is possibly fake by comparing it with 13.738 famous, fictional and humorous names. Prevent the creation of fake accounts in your app or online service.

Parse name from email

In many cases email addresses are based upon a persons name. Use our API to extract the name from an email address and use it in your application.

Integrate our RESTful name parsing API into your platform

We offer a blazing fast RESTful API that returns JSON objects that easily integrate into any project. The JSON object below is an example response of what you receive when using the name parsing API.


Make sure your automated emails have the right salutation. Give us a complete name and our API returns the appropriate salutation including title and initials.

First name

To split a full name to first and last name we use a database with 2.208.942 official first names and 6.119.869 last names that we received from governments and statistical agencies from 139 countries.

Because we obtained the first names from governments and statistical agencies we also know the gender for each name.

By cross-referencing the names with 22.055.118 names from publicly available social media profiles we compiled a country ranking. Each name has a country code which is the most likely country where the name originates from.

Last name

From the same governments and statistical agencies where we received the first names and gender from, we also received a database with 6.119.869 official last names.

Each name (first, middle and last name) has a country code. The country code is the most likely country where the name originates from. The alternative countries is an array that hold the 'second best' estimations.


By using an additional parameter you can extract the name from any email address as well. The response will contain the first and last name (if possible) and the name and country of the email provider. It will also tell if an email address is a personal or a business email address.


Based upon the first name and last name our service can predict the country of origin of any given name. For training data we used the names and country codes of 22.055.118 publicly available social media profiles.

After analyzing all names and country codes the services selects the most likely country where the complete name originates from. For each country we deliver additional information like language code, currency and demonym.


You can use the validate parameter to check if a name exists, is not made up or misspelled. It also compares the name with 13.738 famous, fictional and humorous names.

Use our Web App to split a full name into first and last name

Copy a list of names from Excel into our Web App and we'll split the full name into the first and last name. Additionally we'll validate the names, tell you the gender and predict the nationality of the name.

Parse name list
Copy and paste your name list

Copy and paste a list of names from Excel or any other application into our Web App.

Names in a table
Export to table

Let the Web App process hundreds of names per second and show results direct on your screen.

Export parsed names to Excel
Export to Excel

Export result to a CSV file to use in Excel or export to popular database formats like SQL.