Account information

Use this API endpoint if you want to programmatically get access your account details. The response object contains account details, subscription information, rate limits and usage. The account information is also available via the dashboard after you login.

If you want to use the account information endpoint to monitor rate limits we suggest to use the http headers instead. Each request results into a response object including http headers revealing the daily and hourly rate limits. This saves making unnecessary requests and keeps the API efficient. The rate limit is not applicable for this endpoint.

Request parameters

Name Required Description Example
api_key required Your API key is required for every API call. Register for a free API key. 93d471ea85d1937e713e8aafffb32090

Request URL

This is the easiest way to parse and validate a name. Each response is JSON encoded so easy to use. You can copy past the request URL in the address bar of your browser to see the response.

Response object

    results: 1,
    error: null,
    data: [
            details: {
                firstname: "John",
                lastname: "Doe",
                email: "",
                company: "Name Parser",
                address: "Main street 21",
                zip_code: "90210",
                city: "Hollywood",
                state: "California",
                country_code: "US",
                completed: true,
            subscription: {
                active: false,
                renews: false,
                plan: "Developer",
                days_until_renewal: 1,
                requests_per_month: null,
                requests_per_hour: 50,
                queries_per_request: 1
            requests: {
                remaining_hour: 20,
                remaining_day: 149,
                remaining_month: null
            usage: {
                hourly: {
                    2020-12-08 23:00: 4,
                    2020-12-09 00:00 17,
                    2020-12-09 01:00 2,
                    2020-12-09 02:00 1,
                    2020-12-09 03:00 4
                daily: {
                    2020-09-04: 19,
                    2020-09-05: 12,
                    2020-09-06: 27,
                    2020-09-07: 29

Response parameters

Most response parameters are self-explanatory. However, there are a few fields that need an additional explanation. These fields are listed in the table below. If you're looking for is a response parameter that is not in this list, please contact us and we'll add it to this list.

Name Type Description
subscription array The subscription array holds all information about your subscription. It holds all the information about your plan, limits and renewal.
days_until_renewal integer If you have a paid subscription then the days_until_renewal will count down to the day of the next renewal. The default 'Developer' subscription will renew automatically every day so the default value is 1.
requests array The requests array shows the rate limits of your account.