Name generator software

Name generator software to generate random names and fictional email addresses.

Development databases

Instead of developing software with real data its more secure to use fictional accounts instead. Generate fictional names including email address, password, gender and country details.

Privacy protection

It's not recommended to use your real name on internet forums or online games. Name generator software can generate fictional names for game characters and online profiles.

Baby names

Do you need to come up with a name for a baby? If you need a fresh look, generated names could present you with new ideas that you didn't consider previously.

Fictional profiles

Generate fictional profiles to populate example tables for your web applications, online stores or leaderboards. Your visitors deserve better names then John and Jane Doe.

Test applications

Developers tend to use the same names over and over while testing applications. Use our name generator generate names to test your profile, contact or registration forms.

Gaming characters

Our name generator can help create believable names for characters in games. It generates unique and fitting names for characters using different countries and genders.

Integrate our RESTful name generator API into your platform

We offer a blazing fast RESTful API that returns JSON objects that easily integrate into any project. The JSON object below is an example response of what you receive when using the name generator API.


Generate names with the appropriate salutation including initials and surname.

First name

To generate names that are random but could really exist for a given country we use a database with 2.208.942 official first names and 6.119.869 surnames that we received from governments and statistical agencies from 139 countries.

Because we obtained the first names from governments and statistical agencies we always have the correct gender.

By cross-referencing the names with 22.055.118 names from publicly available social media profiles we compiled a country ranking. Each name has a country code that indicates where the name originates from.

Last name

From the same governments and statistical agencies where we received the first names and gender from, we also received a database with 6.119.869 official surnames.

Each name (first name, middle name or surname) has a country code. Using these country codes we can generate names specifically for a country. This makes the generated names highly accurate from real names.

Email and password

For every generated name we also generate an fictional email address and a strong password. By following patterns that normal people also use the email addresses look natural.

We also take the email providers from the selected country in consideration. As an option you can also generate email addresses with a domain of your choosing.


When you generate a name database you can choose the country where the generate names should originate from.

For each country we deliver comprehensive country information like language code, currency and demonym. This makes your development database rich and accurate.

Use our software to generate names for development databases

Because of security and privacy risks development databases should not contain real customer data. Our name generator can generate names completely random or specifically for a given country code or gender.

Generate names
Select a country or gender

Generate names completely random or choose a specific country and gender.

Names in a table
Generate names for SQL

Import generated names and email addresses direct into your SQL development database.

Export parsed names to Excel
Generate names for Excel

Generate names and email addresses in CSV format, so you can open it in Excel.