Parse names into structured information

Parse names into useful components

Your name contains a lot of information. It tells if you're male or female and reveals your nationality. Our service turns unstructured names into actionable information.

Parse names

Our API splits any name or email address into components like: first name, middle names and last name.

Generate random names

Generate random names and email addresses for your development databases for any country code.

Extract names

Extract the complete names from any given unstructured text with an extremely high accuracy.

First names
Last names

Easily integrate our API into your platform

Our blazing fast RESTful API returns JSON objects that easily integrate into any new or existing project. Check out our API documentation and code examples for PHP, Python, Javascript and C#.

Names are a very common field in most online forms, databases and processes. Use our API to simplify contact forms, validate names or generate fictional names. To use our API you need to create an account. After you login to your dashboard you will find your API key and some examples to get you started.

Looking for a complete name list instead of an API? On the website Name Census we offer 995.718 validated first names from 113 countries including the gender and popularity for download as a CSV file.