Parse names into useful components

Your name contains a lot of information. It tells if you're male or female and reveals your nationality. Our software turns unstructured names into actionable information.

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Integrate our API into your existing platform

All our solutions are available as Web App and as API. Check out our API documentation and code examples for PHP, Python, Javascript and C#.

What is name parsing?

Name parsing is splitting a complete name into the first name and last name. Additionally, features can be returned like the gender and possible nationality of the name.

How can I validate a name?

A name can be validated by parsing the complete name and let the name parser service check if a name exists, is not made up or misspelled.

How can you tell if a name is male or female?

Name parser uses a name list with 1.507.690 authenticated gender tagged names collected from governments and statistical agencies to determine if a name is male or female.

Where can I download a name list?

On the website Name Census you can download 1.507.690 validated first names from 139 countries including the gender and popularity.