Free for developers, options if you're commercial.


Free for private or in-development commercial projects.

  • 250 request per day
  • 50 requests per hour
  • No multiple queries
  • Basic support
€9 /month

For small or medium
live projects and commercial use.

  • 50.000 request per month
  • 100 requests per hour
  • no multiple queries
  • Email support
€29 /month

For larger commercial
projects that require more resources.

  • 200.000 request per month
  • 300 requests per hour
  • 5 multiple queries
  • Email support
€59 /month

For BIG projects
that require exceptional resources.

  • 500.000 request per month
  • 850 requests per hour
  • 10 multiple queries
  • Email support

Our subscriptions are billed automatically per month and prices are in EUR. Show prices in USD.

Name Parser offers different plans with monthly payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express card. We use Stripe to handle the recurring payments for our monthly subscriptions.


What is a request?

A request is any HTTPS request that you make with your API key to any of our endpoints. The parameters you provide, or the number of results you get back, do not affect your request count. Some endpoints offer the option to do multiple queries in a single request.

What happens if I exceed the requests quota?

You'll receive an error as response with the appropriate HTTP status code. Then you can decide what to do. Upgrade your subscription or pause usage until the next billing cycle.

What plan do I choose to parse a large list of names?

Choose the 'Enterprise' plan if you want to run a large batch process. With this plan you can do 10 queries in a single request at a speed of 500 request per hour resulting in 120.000 request per day. Need more speed? You can always sign up for a second account.

How do I switch to a different plan?

You can switch to a new plan (higher or lower) at any time. Login and select the plan you’d like to switch to on this page. You can immediately start using new limits and features.

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course! When you cancel, your plan will run until the end of the current paid period and you won't be charged again. Then you will automatically be switched back to the 'Developer' plan.

Can I download a list of names?

We do not offer a list of names via our API but we have a dedicated website for this. On the website Name Census we offer 995.718 validated first names from 113 countries including the gender and popularity for download as a CSV file.